“While You Were Sleeping” Reveals Heart Fluttering First Stills Of Lee Jong Suk And Suzy - gohong01

SBS has revealed the first stills for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “While You Were Sleeping”!

The drama is set to tell the story of a young woman named Nam Hong Joo (Suzy), who can see the future through her dreams, and a prosecutor named Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) who tries to prevent the things in her dreams from happening in reality.

The stills were released on September 4, showing a first look at the main leads Suzy and Lee Jong Suk sitting side-by-side on a bus. The images give off a romantic mood as Lee Jong Suk sleeps on Suzy’s shoulder while she looks at him with a warm expression on her face.

The production team for “While You Were Sleeping” stated, “There was a hot response from the staff because of the two-shot of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk. It’s a perfect two-shot of a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Even from watching their first filming on the bus, it created a pleasant chemistry.”

Meanwhile, “While You Were Sleeping” is set to air following “Into the World Again.”

Are you excited for their upcoming drama?

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