Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Adorably Plays With So Yi Hyun’s Daughter - gohong01

Girls’ Generation member YoonA visited actress So Yi Hyun to play with her daughter Ha Eun!

On September 24, So Yi Hyun posted two photos of YoonA and Ha Eun, alongside the caption, “Ha Eun’s so happy to see YoonA. I remember hanging out with YoonA right before giving birth to Ha Eun. YoonA came over right away when I was about to go into labor. Her face and personality are both so beautiful. Ha Eun went to sleep while tightly hugging the princess doll that YoonA got for her. Thank you, YoonA~ Thanks to you, I’ll be able to give birth to another beautiful child soon.”

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So Yi Hyun also shared a video of her daughter smiling brightly next to YoonA. She wrote as the caption, “Ha Eun’s in such a good mood because of YoonA. I was a bit surprised because they had such a great time together.”

Meanwhile, So Yi Hyun is currently pregnant with her second child.

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