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If you want to seize the day, it’s best to first fill yourself up with the right breakfast.

According to health site WebMD, eating the right meal in the morning can give you more than enough energy to do tasks and increase your calorie burn by giving your metabolism a boost.

But what is the right breakfast?

If you base it on the state-run Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s ‘Pinggang Pinoy,’ a healthy food guide for Filipinos, you need to have the essential go, grow, and glow food on your plate. That means, you have to consume the right amount of food that will help give you energy (go) and will build (grow) and regulate (glow) your body.

‘Pinggang Pinoy’ states that on your plate, it’s recommended to have: 1. one serving of cooked rice or any alternative like bread, noodles, or root crop; 2. two servings of fish or poultry or lean meat; 3. either cooked or raw vegetables that are three-fourths to a cup in serving size; and lastly, 4. one serving of any medium-sized fruit or a slice of any big fruit.

It’s equally important to drink as much water as you can—specifically, eight or more glasses of it. But to further boost your nutritional start, you can drink a cup of Nestle MILO® with your morning meal. You won’t just get the nutrients your body needs for the day, you will also get the chance to win free SMS!



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