Lee Jong Suk Goes To Suzy In Search Of Answers In New Stills For “While You Were Sleeping” - gohong01

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “While You Were Sleeping” has shared new stills of Jung Jae Chan (played by Lee Jong Suk) and Nam Hong Joo (played by Suzy).


In the previous episodes, Jae Chan had an unsettling dream about his brother Jung Seung Won (played by Shin Jae Ha) and went to Hong Joo’s house to ask for help. It is also revealed that Jae Chan and Hong Joo had once met when they were younger at the funeral of Hong Joo’s father, making fans even more curious to fully understand the connection between these two characters.

It’s especially shocking when it’s revealed that Hong Joo isn’t the only one who can predict the future through her dreams, but Jae Chan as well. He gets angry at her and yells, “Why did your abilities transfer to me? Why me?” and she responds, “I don’t know. But there must be a reason why it’s you and me.”

The staff of “While You Were Sleeping” stated, “As the story progresses, viewers will learn why it had to be Jae Chan and Hong Joo who have the same ability. We hope viewers keep watching to find out if Jae Chan, who used to not believe in the dreams, will team up with Hong Joo to change the future.”

“While You Were Sleeping” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t started watching the drama yet, you can begin below.

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