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Suzy and Lee Jong Suk took their relationship to the next level in the latest episode of “While You Were Sleeping,” and recorded the highest viewer ratings among all the shows airing in the same time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 19 and 20 (aired on October 26) of “While You Were Sleeping” garnered 9.6 percent and 10.3 percent in viewership respectively, while the 2049 ratings were 6.5 percent and 7.6 percent. Episode 20’s viewership ratings were especially high, beating out all other dramas, documentaries, variety shows, and news programs airing at the same time.

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The October 26 episode of “While You Were Sleeping” started with Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) getting shot by archer Yoo Soo Kyung’s father, Yoo Man Ho.

Hong Joo (Suzy) witnesses this scene and cries. She opens up the ring box that Jae Chan had given her, realizing that the person who was next to her in the runaway soldier incident 13 years ago was Jae Chan.

Jae Chan starts to regain consciousness, and later goes to see Yoo Man Ho. He doesn’t talk about what he originally planned; instead, he shares how Soo Kyung has been doing good deeds to those around her. He then pulls out his IV, leaving the hospital, and meets Hong Joo. They share the story of the incident 13 years ago, and kiss.

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