Lee Jong Suk Comforts Suzy In New Stills For “While You Were Sleeping” - gohong01

On October 25, “While You Were Sleeping” released new stills that show Suzy shedding tears in front of Lee Jong Suk.

In the previous episode, Suzy’s character Nam Hong Joo saw Lee Jong Suk’s character Jung Jae Chan getting stabbed in her dream.

After waking up, she runs to Jung Jae Chan’s home. The stills show her with tears in her eyes as she tells him about her dream.Jung Jae Chan is shown comforting her warmly as he tries to lessen her worries.While listening to her dream, he takes detailed notes to fully understand the situation.The bittersweet scene between Nam Hong Joo and Jung Jae Chan will be revealed on the next episode of “While You Were Sleeping,” airing October 25 at 10 p.m. KST.

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