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The husband of the late Isabel Granada, Arnel Cowley, posted photos with his wife consecutively on Instagram expressing strong grief and longing.

His messages to his wife are too emotional and he consistently says, “I miss you.”

He is too affected by the actress’ death and considered his life meaningless without her.


Missing you so much ????. My journey is meaningless without you baby @isabelgranada21 ????

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“My journey is meaningless without you,” he wrote.

Arnel reminisced that Isabel was on his side when he was suffering from cancer. He said that he was loved by the actress even though he lost his hair due to chemotherapy, and managed to survive because of Isabel’s love. He wishes that he should've been the one who died.


“You were there for me when I was suffering from cancer. You still loved me even though I lost my hair during chemotherapy. Because of you and your love, I managed to survive. It’s painful for me that you are now gone and how I really do wish that it should have been me. I LOVE YOU BABY”

Arnel is not ashamed of saying that he cries every night because Isabel’s passing is her greatest loss.


“If people only knew how much I truly miss you, baby, they would be wondering why I’m still standing. Every day and every night I cry longing for your touch and love. My life will never be the same baby,” he explains.

Isabel Granada passed away on November 4 at Doha, Qatar due to a brain hemorrhage indicating aneurysm. She was 41 years old. 

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