Jung Hae In Describes What Suzy And Lee Jong Suk Are Like In Real Life - gohong01

Jung Hae In has nothing but love for his “While You Were Sleeping” co-stars Suzy and Lee Jong Suk!

During a recent interview, the actor talked about his close friend Lee Jong Suk, saying, “We actually met up really frequently to grab some drinks. We often drank beer in front of a convenience store. We even went on a trip after filming the drama. It was my first time going on vacation with just the actors and without our managers. It was a really memorable trip.”

He then joked, “Lee Jong Suk says he learned to appreciate the little things in life because of me.”

When asked about Suzy, Jung Hae In responded, “She’s really pretty. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s extremely nice, and I felt really comfortable filming with her. She’s kind and considerate. My character had a crush on hers, and she made it easier for me to act. She’s definitely a mood maker.”

SBS’s hit drama “While You Were Sleeping” recently came to an end. You can watch the whole series, starting with the first episode, below!

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