Watch: TWICE Drops First Look At “Heart Shaker” MV With Cute Teaser Video - gohong01

TWICE has released a teaser for their upcoming MV!

The hit girl group will soon be releasing a repackaged version of their first full album, which will be entitled “Merry & Happy.” The new release features two new songs, including their title track “Heart Shaker,” and TWICE has now shared a peek at what we can look forward to from its music video through a teaser clip.

The video starts off with the members getting ready to shoot the scene in a grocery store set, giving fans a quick behind the scenes look at the MV. We then see TWICE showing off a glimpse of the song’s choreography and hear a preview of the sweet song!

Check out the MV teaser here!

“Merry & Happy” is due out on December 11 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out their previous teasers here!

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