LOOK: Patrick Garcia's wife Nikka gives birth to Baby Francisca Pia - gohong01

Patrick and Nikka Garcia welcome their third child on Wednesday, December 27. They named their baby girl Francisca Pia.

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The couple made the announcement on their Instagram accounts.


Hi world???? my name is Francisca Pia. 7.9lbs. Born morning of Dec 27 2017. ????

A post shared by Nikka Garcia (@nikkamgarcia) on


"Hi world, my name is Francisca Pia. 7.9lbs. Born morning of Dec 27 2017," Nikka wrote.

Patrick called their little bundle of joy "the best Christmas gift before ending the year."


The actor also praised his wife for being a strong woman, saying "to my wife I salute you for your strength and bravery and thank you for this wonderful gift! I’m in love with you even more!!"

Welcome to the world, Baby Francisca!

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