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KBS’s upcoming drama “Radio Romance” released character posters for Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Park, and Girl’s Day’s Yura.

Yoon Doojoon plays Ji Su Ho, a top star who becomes a radio DJ who can’t do anything without a script. His poster describes him as a “man who doesn’t know the radio,” and the line “I thought I was crying alone…but I didn’t know. Everyone was crying…” It looks like his character will experience some changes with his new radio DJ position.

Kim So Hyun plays Song Geu Rim who is the complete opposite of Ji Su Ho. She is the icon of perseverance and patience, and she is described as “a woman whose radio means everything to her.” The line on her poster, which reads “I think…I can listen to it in heaven, too. As long as the frequency is right” proves just how much she loves radio.

Yoon Park takes the role of radio producer Lee Kang who is “a man who is crazy about the radio.” On his poster is the quote, “To become friends with someone who isn’t friendly with the radio… Isn’t that what people like us are supposed to do?”

On the other hand, Yura plays the part of Jin Tae Ri, a former top actress and “a woman who dreams of love.” On her poster are witty but powerful words that portray her proud character, which reads, “Excuse me, idol… It’s rude of you to smile like that while talking behind my back.”

“Radio Romance” revolves around the growth, changes, and romance of Ji Su Ho and Song Geu Rim in the busy, unpredictable setting of a radio station. It will air after “Jugglers” ends on January 29 at 10 p.m. KST.

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