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Recently, U.S. ice dancers Maia and Alex Shibutani gained attention for gifting customized hats to BTS.

In a recent interview with Jae-Ha Kim in the Los Angeles Times, the Olympians were asked about their reason for choosing BTS.

Maia responded, “We compete in a sport with a high performance and entertainment value, and so we appreciate other artists who do the same.”

Alex commented, “K-pop does an amazing job of blending music, dance, and choreography.” He added that they respect the high level of attention to detail.

Alex shared that they picked BTS because they appreciate that their influence is worldwide. “Regardless of whether people understand the lyrics to their songs, music is a universal language. The way they utilize the internet and social media to connect to people all over the world is a large reason for their global success.”

“The recognition they’re receiving is really special to us as Asian Americans. And I know they’re not Asian American, but to see them being embraced in America and all over the world is inspiring for us to see. We wanted to be able to show them our support in some way,” Alex explained.

Maia and Alex Shibutani became the first Asians to medal in ice dancing at the PyeongChang Olympics with two bronze medals. With the help of fans, they were able to deliver customized hats with the official logo for the U.S. Olympic Team to the BTS members.

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