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Eric Nam has shared that he’s been unable to get in touch with MAMAMOO’s Solar since their stint as a married couple on MBC’s “We Got Married”!

The two singers charmed audiences with their adorable chemistry on “We Got Married” back in 2016, when they spent eight months acting out married life as a virtual couple. However, Eric Nam has revealed that the two have fallen out of touch since leaving the show over a year ago.

On March 25, both Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul appeared on the SBS reality show “It’s Okay to Go a Little Crazy.” During the episode, Moonbyul referred to Eric Nam as her “brother-in-law,” explaining that they met while Eric Nam was filming “We Got Married” with Solar.

When the MCs asked Eric Nam if they were still in touch, the singer unhappily reported that Solar had since changed her phone number without telling him. “It turns out that she changed her number,” he reported. “I sent her a text on her birthday saying ‘Happy Birthday,’ but she never replied.”

He then jokingly added, “I’m sure she’s doing well [on her own].”

Watch the latest episode of “It’s Okay to Go a Little Crazy” below!

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