Watch: MONSTA X Lights Up “Weekly Idol” Studio With 1st Performance Of “Jealousy” - gohong01

MONSTA X performed their new track “Jealousy” on “Weekly Idol”!

On the March 28 episode of the show, MONSTA X appeared as guests. The guys filmed the show back when only the choreography for the chorus had been set, and they hadn’t yet got an official description of the song to share.

So when Defconn and Jung Hyung Don asked Shownu to introduce the song, he said he’d just try to describe it himself based on his own impression, which surprised them.

“I think it’s a very exciting song,” he said, and then the guys brainstormed to come up with the best word to describe it, suggesting “sexy,” “bright,” and “quick.”

Jung Hyung Don asked Hyungwon to describe the song too. “What genre is it?” he asked him.

“Genre?” Hyungwon replied, and hesitated. He then cracked everyone up by saying, “K-pop?”

Watch MONSTA X perform part of “Jealousy” below!

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