Watch: WINNER Takes 2nd Win For “Everyday” On “Music Core,” Performances By EXO-CBX, TWICE, Super Junior, And More - gohong01

The April 14 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had MAMAMOO’s “Starry Night,” BIGBANG’s “Flower Road,” and WINNER’s “Everyday” as contenders for first place. WINNER took home the crown this week, making it their second win for “Everyday.” Congratulations to WINNER!

Today’s episode featured performances from EXO-CBX, TWICE, Super Junior, WINNER, TVXQ, UNB, Heo Young Saeng, EXID, MONSTA X, UP10TION, Eric Nam, Oh My Girl BANHANA, The Boyz, VROMANCE, and Le Ciel.

Watch performances below!

♬ ComeBack ☆ Stage ♬

Super Junior 『Lo Siento (Feat. KARD)』

EXO-CBX 『Blooming Day』

WINNER 『Air』 『Everyday』

Heo Young Saeng 『Destiny』

Eric Nam 『Honestly…』

TWICE 『Say Yes』 『What is Love?』


♬ Goodbye ♧ Stage ♬

TVXQ 『The Chance of Love』

UP10TION 『Candyland』


♬ Hot ♥ Stage ♬

EXID 『Lady』

MONSTA X 『Jealousy』

The Boyz 『Giddy Up』

Oh My Girl BANHANA 『Banana Allergy Monkey』


♬ New ♡ Song ♬

UNB 『Feeling』


♬ Sound Holic ♬

VROMANCE 『Oh My Season』

Le Ciel 『Sweetune』

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