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There is a distinct parallel line (or should I say huge?) between Korean Dramas and real life, we all know that. Another undeniable fact for a k-drama lover is how romantic expectations have crossed every bar that now, chances of finding love in real life have become impossible. Here are 7 of the main clichéd things in every k-drama that has caused us to feel forever alone and have such high expectations:

1.    Piggyback rides

This one’s in every other k-drama that you watch. It’s predictable and annoying. It’s also unrealistic for the female lead to weigh so light as if she’s a feather for the actor to carry her so effortlessly till her house whether she’s drunk or tired.


2.     Eating ramen together

Now this one’s out of hand. Everyone knows what “do you want to eat ramen before you go?” really means and now I can’t help but cringe every time I see the on-screen couple enjoying ramen together and spending ‘quality time’ with each other. I don’t know about others, but my eyes are always on the ramen.

3.     Wrist grabs

I have multiple reasons to be mad at this. Somehow the female lead loses ALL her power when a guy holds her wrist. And apparently if a guy does that in a k-drama, he loves you. In real life, pull your hand away and call the police. They’re predictable but somehow every time it happens I pretend to be surprised. And I have my reasons. From a triple wrist hold in Heirs to how a stuntwoman suddenly seems to have no power in Secret Garden- they’re a weird and a dominating type of ‘declaration of love.’

4.     Sleeping together

No, not actual ‘sleeping together.’ This isn’t talked about much, but I ALWAYS notice it. It’s usually the female lead who somehow manages to fall asleep at any time and any place with the male lead staring at her like she’s an angel. Trust me on it, this one’s annoying and overrated.

5.     Sleeping on a bus

The mother of k-drama clichés. By the way, I’ve never, ever seen this happen in real life with a couple who isn’t married or dating yet.

6.     Gift of... love?

If he’s a rich chaebol, expect a complete makeover and an expensive shopping spree to get decent clothes because the main girl would have to be a poor and hard working girl. If he’s not that rich, he would be making 1000 paper cranes for you. Talk about over the top gifts, anyone?

7.     There’s always a perfect second lead

Ah, the second lead syndrome is a disease caused to all of us at some point or another in a drama. You root for him, you really do, just almost as the main guy and sometimes more than the main guy- just before the male lead sweeps the lady off her feet. Even the ever so perfect D.O. from EXO didn’t get the main girl *cries*.  I’d take the second lead any day though.


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