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Kim Dong Han has finally unveiled more details of his solo debut album.

On June 19 at 6 p.m. KST, his first mini album “D-DAY” will be released through various online music sites. The album is comprised of Kim Dong Han’s efforts and passion and contains diverse genres from dance to ballad.

“D-DAY,” an alternative hip-hop track, opens up the album. His title track “Sunset” is an electronic dance song with the chorus containing an explosive bass sound that will give an energetic feel. The third track “Ain’t No Time” features PENTAGON’s Wooseok and has a tropical EDM sound. “Late Night Call” is a medium tempo ballad with an emotional melody, and the “Record It” (literal translation) is a contemporary R&B track.

Notably, “Record It” expresses Kim Dong Han’s gratefulness towards his fans for showing him an unforgettable amount of love during his days in JBJ. It was also revealed that the hidden featuring artist of “Record It” is none other than fellow JBJ member Kim Sang Gyun. Through the song, they send a message to their fans asking them to remember the short but impressive times together as beautiful memories.

Check out the teaser video for “Sunset” here!

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