BTS, TWICE, And More Impress On Oricon’s Charts For First Half Of 2018 - gohong01

Oricon has released overall chart results for the first half of the year!

On June 25, the Japanese company revealed the sales rankings for singles and albums between December 25, 2017 and June 18, 2018.

TWICE is the only foreign artist in the top 10 of the singles chart. The girl group took No. 8 with “Candy Pop,” which sold 340,224 copies, and No. 9 with “Wake Me Up,” which sold 340,207 copies.

MONSTA X also made it to the top 50 with “Spotlight” at No. 42, selling 71,529 copies.BTS impressed on the albums chart with “Face Yourself,” which sold 320,094 copies, at No. 4 and their Korean album “Love Yourself: Tear,” which sold 173,743 copies, at No. 11.

SEVENTEEN’s Japanese debut album “We Make You” took No. 14 with 144,182 copies sold, and EXO’s “Countdown” placed No. 19 with 123,489 copies. EXO-CBX’s “Magic” also placed No. 36. SHINee’s “The Best from Now On” sold 98,678 copies, taking No. 25.

TWICE’s Korean albums “What is Love?” and “Twicetagram” ranked No. 34 and No. 41, respectively. Wanna One’s Korean album “0+1=1 (I Promise You)” took No. 42.

NCT 127’s “Chain” is No. 45, G-Dragon’s “Kwon Ji Yong” is No. 46, MONSTA X’s “Piece” is No. 48, and Daesung’s “Delight 2” is No. 49.

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