TWICE, Stray Kids, And DAY6 Pose Together For JYP Family Photo - gohong01

JYP Entertainment labelmates TWICE, Stray Kids, and DAY6 snapped a cute photo together backstage at “Music Bank“!

On June 30, Stray Kids shared a photo of themselves posing with fellow JYP Entertainment artists TWICE and DAY6, all of whom performed on the special June 29 episode of the KBS music show.

The group also wrote in Korean, “It was truly an honor to perform on a music show yesterday with senior artists DAY6 and TWICE! Looking at this photo makes our hearts feel warm. Thank you, and we’ll work even harder! JYP Nation!”

Check out TWICE, Stray Kids, and DAY6’s special “Music Bank” performances here!

You can also watch the full episode of the music show below:

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