Former Girl Group Member Sued For Not Paying Gambling Debts - gohong01

A former girl group member has been sued for allegedly not repaying her gambling debts.

On August 2, Kyunghyang Newspaper reported that a celebrity who debuted as a member of a famous girl group had been sued by two acquaintances. According to the plaintiffs, the star in question borrowed two separate sums of 350 million won (approximately $309,839) and 250 million won (approximately $221,280) from them for the purpose of gambling, and she has yet to pay them back.

The two individuals reportedly filed a lawsuit against the former girl group member on July 12. The case is currently drawing special attention for the fact that it revolves around a gambling debt, with the plaintiffs claiming that the defendant gambled away their money at a casino that Korean citizens are not allowed to enter. The casino, which is located in a hotel in the Gwangjang neighborhood of Seoul, is only open to foreigners.

The prosecutor’s office is currently investigating the former girl group member for habitual illegal gambling.

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