Nico Bolzico shares what to do if you're single on Valentine's Day - gohong01

Everyone's favorite Instagram husband, Nico Bolzico, shares a piece of advice for single men and women this Valentine's Day.

Nico Bolzico

In his Instagram post, he wrote a guide for singles during the season of love.

He said, "One question that was repeatedly asked to us was: what is your advice for those who don't have a Valentine?

The answer is simple: "Relax and enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones, enjoy being single. Also, the right Valentine will come in time, you don't need to look for him/her!"

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Nico also noted that if the waiting game is taking so long, he will share Pochola and Patato for a few days.

"And if it takes a bit longer you can borrow #Pochola or #Patato for a few days!"

He added a joke that even if his advice might sound very convincing, it doesn't mean it's all good.

"Again, that is my advice, it doesn't mean I am right!#carpetgoals #bemoreimaginative #happyadvancevalentine"

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