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Kris Bernal is a self-confessed lipstick junkie, that is why she shared to fellow makeup enthusiasts some hacks on how to pick the perfect lipstick and how to have your lip game always on fleek.

Kris Bernal

The Kapuso star is unafraid to try different types of lipsticks, hence, she launched her very own lipstick brand SHE Cosmetics.

To impart her knowledge as a makeup CEO, Kris shared what makes her pout stand out in different occasions.


Kris said, “You have to consider the shade if it goes well with your skin tone.”

The shade is the first thing that buyers usually look at.

To know the correct shade, it's always better to seek the advice of the experts. Those who work in the beauty industry would be able to tell you which shade (neutral, cool, or warm undertones) would work well with the color or shape of your lips.

Proper application

Know how to apply the lipstick based on the favored look of the lips.

For Kris, she prefers to use the overlining technique to achieve a fuller pout.

“I overline it because I want my lips to look bigger,” she says.

Be cautious

Kris' advice is for women to be wary when eating oily food especially when they're wearing a bright colored lipstick.

“When you eat, ingat rin sa pagkain ng too much oily food para hindi siya kumalat.”

Fresh look

To always have a spot-on lipstick look, wipe away the leftover color and re-apply a fresh coat of lipstick when needed.

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