IN PHOTOS: Baby Tali's beach getaway in LA - gohong01

The Sotto family is currently in Los Angeles, California to spend summer there, and we can't help but gush over Tali's cuteness! Check out their photos.

Los Angeles

Vic Sotto, Pauleen Luna, and Baby Tali visited the Redondo Beach in Los Angeles, California.

 Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach has been a preferred resort destination and one of the most desirable areas to live in the US.

Quality time

The father and daughter love spending time near the sea.


The baby girl enjoys looking at the scenic beach.


Lolo Gene teaching Tali how to walk


Tali with her equally beautiful mom

Seafood time

The LA experience won't be complete without tasting the city's world-famous seafood.


Beautiful weather, indeed!


Sleeping Tali is the cutest thing you'll see today! Pauleen jested, "Tali having a blast in LA."


Enjoy your summer trip, Tali!

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