#Eleksyon2019: Celebrities who exercised their right to vote - gohong01

These celebrities took time to cast their vote in their respective precincts.


Boobay went to his hometown in Zambales to vote.

Paolo and Suzi

Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entrata cast their vote for the future of their kids.

Robin and Mariel

Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez woke up early to go to their voting precinct.

Ruby Rodriguez

"Done!!!! Exercise your right to suffrage #vote #dugyotfinger," she wrote on her Instagram account.

Joyce Ching

Aside from voting, Joyce Ching also said a prayer for the country.

Marika Sasaki

Marika is proud to have done her duty.

Angel Locsin

"Your country's future is in your fingertips. Vote for a better tomorrow," Angel reminds.

Dianne Medina

Dianne joined early risers and voted in her Quezon City precinct.

Lyn Ching

Lyn reminded her followers to vote wisely.

Heart Evangelista

Heart wore a simple floral dress when she went to her voting precinct in Sorsogon.

Sanya and Jak

Siblings Sanya Lopez and Jak Roberto are done voting.

Rodjun Cruz

"Ang kinabukasan ay nasa ating mga kamay," Rodjun says.

Candy Pangilinan

Candy feels good after voting.

Bianca Gonzalez

"Always proud to give my country the dirty finger," Bianca jokes.

Joey de Leon

Joey made sure to vote even after the live broadcast of noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Angelu de Leon

Angelu made voting a family affair.

Kim Chiu

Kim did her part as a Filipino citizen by voting.

Enchong Dee

Enchong waited in line for an hour to be able to vote but felt that it was worth the wait.

Iza Calzado

Iza hopes that people still believe in the power of votes instead of remaining apathetic due to frustration.

Sheena Halili

Sheena traveled to Pampanga to vote for a better tomorrow.

Kris Aquino

Kris honors the Motherland by voting.

Arny Ross

Fortunately, Arny had a hassle-free voting experience in Cavite.

Sunshine Cruz

"Please know that every single vote counts," says Sunshine.

Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong and his family also took the time to vote.

Saab Magalona

Saab proudly shows the ink which marks her vote.

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