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Eighteen years ago showbiz power couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez tied the knot at the St. Joseph the Worker Church in Baguio City.

Charlene Gonzalez and Aga Muhlach

The beautiful ceremony, which was attended by around 400 guests, was dubbed as the wedding of the year in 2001.

Fast forward to this day, Aga and Charlene remain an inspiration to many couples because of their enduring love for each other.

On their 18th wedding anniversary, the celebrity couple posted their sweet messages for each other on their respective Instagram account.

Charlene to her “love of my life,” “Thank you for the 18 years of love & happiness.”

Likewise, Aga thanked his wife, “Thank you for you!”

He also used the hashtag "#yesmerongforever" on his post.

Meanwhile, celebrity friends greeted the Aga and Charlene on their wedding anniversary.

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