Only in Bristol set to be seriously X-rated as half of the house 'bang' on first night - gohong01

In clips exclusively shared with Daily Star Online, it seems that the castmates are at it like rabbits in the house in Bristol.

Despite only filming in the house for a week, half of the cast have done the deed within a few days of filming.

Sofia Galloppa, who admitted she has feelings for porn star Matt, was seen saying: "I'm being a bit greedy I think because I'm p***ed off Matt banged Amelia when he was saying that he liked me."


RAUNCHY: Matt makes a move on Amelia as soon as they step into the house

When asked if she liked Matt, she said: "What? Hmmm, I dunno," before quickly changing the subject.

She added: "But then I was getting annoyed because Harry was following Amelia around and I was getting p***ed off about that."

Sofia was then called a "f***ing psycho" by her castmate.


JEALOUS: Sofia has a soft spot for pornstar Matt

It was then revealed that other castmates Jed and Holly had also "banged".

The two girls then showed their confusion as they talked about how they thought Jed was gay.

While the show's release could a while away, it has been revealed that it should be picked up very soon.


CONFESSION; Sofia also revealed that another couple had already slept together

A rep for Only in Bristol said: "The show currently has on offer on the table from Netflix.

"The producers are also in talks with MTV so watch this space."

We can't wait to see what happens.

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