YoonA Confirms Plans For Girls’ Generation’s 10th Debut Anniversary Comeback - gohong01

There had been several reports claiming that Girls’ Generation would be making a comeback sometime this year, and YoonA finally revealed that they’re true!

YoonA appeared on the April 15 episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” for the first time in four years.

During the interview, YoonA gave an update that she is currently shooting her drama “The King Loves.” She also made a surprise announcement that Girls’ Generation is preparing an album for their 10th anniversary.

“I thought it would be nice to release some music showcasing my voice so I’m getting ready for that, too,” she added, hinting at her solo track.

YoonA further revealed, “My next drama will air sometime during the summer, but August is Girls’ Generation’s 10th debut anniversary so I think you’ll be able to see me before then.”

Meanwhile, you can check out stills of YoonA’s character in “The King Loves.”

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