Production Company Of Film “Real” Will Take Action Against Leaked Photos On Internet - gohong01

The film “Real” premiered in South Korea on June 28 and has already run into problems with piracy.

As soon as the film became available in theaters, photos taken of the screen from inside the theater began spreading on social media and various forums.

A source from “Real” stated to Sports Joseon, “A lot of people are curious about Kim Soo Hyun’s dual characters and Choi Jin Ri [Sulli]’s nude scenes in the movie. It has recently come to light that because of all the talk about the movie beforehand, there has been illegal activity like taking photos of the movie during screenings.”

The source added, “We haven’t found anyone who has illegally filmed the entire movie, just shots of the screen going around on social media. The production company has been warned of this and they are monitoring the situation and looking for the culprits. We will remove the photos as soon as we receive a tip or catch someone in the act. It is illegal to film the screen during a movie. We hope that audiences will follow movie theater etiquette from now on.”

Taking pictures or video during a movie screening is a violation of copyright and may result in criminal penalty if caught.

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