YoonA Hypes Up The Bromance Between Im Siwan And Hong Jong Hyun On “The King Loves” - gohong01

On July 3, the cast of MBC drama “The King Loves” held a showcase that was broadcast through Naver V Live. Stars Im Siwan, YoonA, Hong Jong Hyun, Oh Min Seok, and Park Hwan Hee all made an appearance.

In the drama, Wang Won (Im Siwan) and Wang Lin (Hong Jong Hyun) share a strong friendship. Im Siwan said, “I think my character’s relationship with Lin goes beyond friendship. Lin is a character with whom I can show my true self so we are very close. My character has gone through life only showing the superficial side of himself. San [YoonA’s character] is the first woman he ever falls in love with.”

YoonA said, “I was jealous of the two of them. I was envious, but it was also nice to see. Their relationship onscreen is very deep, but on set they also got along very well. In reality I received a lot of love from both of them and they both took care of me so I wasn’t really jealous.”

“The King Loves” will premiere on July 17 at 10 p.m. KST.

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