LOOK: Celebs and their best booty shots   - gohong01

These female celebrities' #bootylicious poses are a must-see!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Valeen Montenegro

Pandesal Girl Valeen in a skimpy black bikini


Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Rhian Ramos
Rhian struts her stuff

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

KC Concepcion 
Work it, girl!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Solenn Heussaff 
Solenn makes reading sexy in this bikini.

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Jennylyn Mercado
Jennylyn expresses her love for diving.

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Rufa Mae Quinto

The new mom is sexy as ever!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Stephanie Sol
Stephanie is definitely stepping it up!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Andrea Torres
Andrea is sizzling hot!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Gwen Zamora
Gwen makes the sunset more beautiful.

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Sam Pinto
Looking good, Sam!

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

Pauleen Luna
Pauleen in a black and white one-piece

Instarazzi: #Bootylicious

Kim Domingo

Kim's beach-ready body

Janine Gutierrez

Janine loves going to the beach!

Maine Mendoza

Maine caused quite the commotion with her bikini photos during her trip to the Maldives.

Maxine Medina

Don't you just love Maxine's colorful swimsuit?

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia likes to showcase the result of her strict workout routine.

Megan Young

Megan Young is summer-ready!

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera is the queen of the beach.


Kapamilya kontrabida Dionne Monsanto is a summer goddess by the beach!

Catriona Gray

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray flaunts her sexy physique in a bikini.

Diana Zubiri

In a recent vacation to Maldives with husband Andy Smith, Diana flaunted her sexy booty.

Andy Smith 

Husband Andy Smith captioned this photo, "This is a little cheeky but I got your back love."

Michelle Madrigal

Former actress Michelle Madrigal is rocking her all red OOTD in the sunny Bahamas.

Instarazzi #Bootylicious

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