David Semerad answers a netizen who asked if Gwen Zamora is pregnant - gohong01

Pro basketball player David Semerad and former Bubble Gang babe Gwen Zamora celebrated their monthsary yesterday, April 15.

Gwen Zamora & David Semerad

Gwen Zamora's friends happy to see her with PBA cager David Semerad

In their respective Instagram accounts, the two marked this occasion with heartwarming messages dedicated to each other.

Gwen posted a photo of them holding hands with this sweet caption, “In high tide, low tide or how wild the waves go, I'll always be by your side. Happy monthsary, baby. I love you as big as the sky!"

Meanwhile, David promised his girlfriend that he will always be there for her no matter what.

“Every queen deserves a King who understands when her crown gets heavy. I shall always have your back baby, as I know you'll have mine. Happy monthsary.”

In other news, some people noticed this exchange of messages between David Semerad and a netizen with the handle @maria.mharie. The latter asked David if Gwen Zamora is already pregnant.

Check out the PBA star's response below.

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